Promoting and Empowering the Christian Experience - Kimberly Park Holiness Church
  God has brought you to this time, this place!
We believe it is not a coincidence that you found this ministry on this day, at this time.  Thank you for visiting Kimberly Park Holiness Church, home of R&C Edmond Ministries.  We are focused on sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.  We pray that we impart knowledge that blesses you to become aware of the love of Christ and/or knowledge that enhances your relationship in Christ.  Our desire is to do everything we can to promote and empower the Christian experience.
Please feel free to contact us. May the love and peace of God, the Holy Spirit and our Savior Jesus make this a glorious day!
Intercessory Prayer- Saturdays 8:00am
9:30am Sunday School 
10:45am Sunday Breakfast(complimentary)
11:00am Sunday Worship Service
Wednesdays 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Minister's Ministry, Deacons/Trustees, Joy and Faith, Clothes Giveaway, Sunday Breakfast, Pastor's Aide, Banquet Committee, Armor Bearers, Music, Praise Team, Mass Choir, Youth Choir, Combined Ushers Board, Mothers, Spiritual Dance, Building for Kingdom Business
Kimberly Park Holiness Church, 1640 SM Caesar Drive
Winston-Salem, NC  27101 
336 723 8001 Email us at
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